Solar-powered aircraft

Elektra Solar is an official spin-off of the DLR (German Aerospace Center) Institute for Robotics and Mechatronics

The aircraft Elektra One was the first electrically powered ultralight aircraft in Germany and was developed by the Bavarian company PC-Aero. The first flight took place in March 2011 at Augsburg airport and lasted 30 minutes. Already in June 2015, Elektra One successfully completed an Alpine crossing as the first electrically powered aircraft. Here, the aircraft covered a 200km long track, partly at a peak altitude of over 3000m in about 2.5 hours.

More then 40 years experiences in new aircraft design concepts.
(See Calin Gologan 40 years ago)

By merging with the companies PC-Aero GmbH and Elektra UAS GmbH, the company was registered in 2016 as Elektra Solar GmbH in the commercial register. To this day, the technology is being further developed and in the meantime, a complete family of solar-electric aircraft has been developed. Elektra Solar GmbH works with aerospace systems in the weight class from 10kg to 1000kg and can prove far-reaching experience in the certification of aircraft. A key focus of the development lies in the area of ​​manned and unmanned, or optionally piloted aircraft with wings, as well as the autonomous control of helicopters.

With its expertise in aircraft design, avionics, electronics, autonomous flying, robotics and the development of safety-critical software systems, the company also offers support in the preparation of aerial platforms for the applications defined by their customers. In addition to aircraft, we also offer our knowledge. We offer the transfer of technology and know-how. Here, the customer receives all data, information and documents that are necessary for the construction of the corresponding aircraft. Of course we also offer services. In-depth knowledge forms the basis for customer-specific developments of aircraft, components or assemblies.

Our vision is not just to design a beautiful aircraft, but to develop an aircraft system which is characterized by low operating costs and is fueled by solar cells. In the meantime We are the first company in the world to deliver solar-Electric unmanned stratospheric platforms including payload integration like high speed laser communication
(up to 10 Gb) and high resolution 3D-mapping camera systems.

"We did not think that technique aroused such overwhelming interest. Our customers want to use the sun's energy, they want to fly with the sun. The little energy we need can be obtained from the sun. In the beginning, our customers came from sports and leisure aviation. This clientele was the bridge for commercial aviation, for commercial use of the aircraft.

Our team has the technology in the meantime, which we are very proud of. The satisfaction of our customer brings a very good feeling and joy to continue to face the challenges of the future market."

- Calin Gologan | CEO