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November 19, 2019

THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT. Elektra Solar on its way to the stratosphere

November 19, 2019

ELEKTRA Solar reaches an altitude of 10km with unmanned aircraft Elektra Two
November 19, 2019

October 20, 2019, Elektra Solar achieved an altitude of 10km with the unmanned version of its Elektra Two high-performance solar-electric aircraft. Despite moderate turbulence and during the flight not complete sunshine, this flight succeeded without problems.

With a team of only 4 people Elektra Solar has carried out the project in China. The preparations for this important milestone for the company took only a few days. After extensive checks, the plane took off without action from the ground crew and reached the desired altitude after just under 2 hours. After reaching 10km altitude 12kW / h battery capacity were still available. After another 2 hours, the plane landed without the intervention of the ground crew exactly on the point from which it was started. The results obtained during the flight indicated great potential for further flights at high altitudes.

In the spring of 2020, with the next Elektra Two already available, which has a span of 27m, 20km of altitude will be tackled. Despite all the euphoria, there is room for improvement, says Calin Gologan and Dr. Ing. Konstantin Kondak, CEO of Elektra Solar GmbH. Thus, by the spring of 2020, a new engine and battery technology will be deployed. Based on the measured data and its own simulation program, the company Elektra Solar is very confident that the set goals can be achieved again without any problems.

With the second version of the Elektra Two, a payload of up to 50kg can be transported to the stratosphere.

Elektra Solar GmbH is manufacturer of high sophisticated and robust ultralight solar powered aircrafts for high altitudes. In addition to the extremely low operating costs, the aircraft are also characterized by their ease of use in terms of transport. They fit into a commercial trailer.
Besides the sales of aircraft, Elektra Solar GmbH market individual system components like battery front end, power supply distribution unit, auto pilot system, flight control computer, motor controller as well as electric propulsion and solar system. The components are at least dual and 3 times redundant.
Due to the robust construction, the aircraft can also be flown in non-optimal weather conditions.
A significant advantage over conventional aircraft is a virtually noiseless flight. Flown over an inhabited area at an altitude of 300m, the aircraft is no longer heard.
"Elektra Solar aircraft are based on the latest battery technology and are being built for the current and future generation. We therefore consider our development as a significant contribution to a sustainable, environmentally friendly use in commercial aviation. Therefore, we are also engaged in the development of fuel cell technology as an energy source for our aircraft" Calin Gologan said.

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