Elektra Solar Trainer

Two-seat training Aircraft

Elektra Solar Trainer for training purposes only


Elektra Trainer is the latest state of the art product for the trainer and education market. The two-seat aircraft is a further development of the Elektra One Solar and was optimized for the light trainer market. Low operating costs, almost no CO2 emissions and the simplest maintenance make this aircraft unique in the field of electric aircraft.


The two-seat trainer version is equipped with a fixed landing gear. Zero CO2 emissions, virtually no noise (50 dB) and complete redundant power supply make this aircraft a safe and near-incomparable "all-electric aircraft". The electric drive saves energy, does not cause noise and emissions and can therefore be used in areas close to cities without disturbing the population.

Propeller noise is reduced because the high torque of the electric motor is used to operate the propeller at a much slower speed. Very low operation costs make it possible to take flight hours for almost everyone. Easy maintenance ensures low maintenance costs.

Technical specs

Elektra Solar Trainer with fixed landing gear

Cabin width
1.15 m
Electric Motor
32 kW (continious power), double redundant system
13.4 m
Wing Area
10.35 m²
(MTOW) Maximum take off weight
600 kg
Empty weight (w/o battery)
220 kg
Max. battery weight
180 kg (at 200 kg payload)
Maximum payload
260 kg (with 120 kg battery)
Maximum flight duration*
> 3 h
> 400 km
Cruising speed
142 km/h
Power needed for horizontal flight
10 kW
Max. power provided by solar cells
1.5 kW
Wing aspect ratio
Max. glide ratio
> 1:28
Max. altitude
3000 m
*Depending on wind conditions

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