Solar-powered aircraft

Elektra ONE SOLAR | OPS and UAS

Single seat electric aircraft. Optionally available with solar cells. The aircraft is also available as OPS-version Optionally Piloted System and UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System).
Elektra One is used in a variety of areas, as a platform for customerspecific tasks. Applications range from GIS mapping (Geographic Information System) and surveys, data collection system for autonomous driving, to disaster- and post-disaster management, including construction, monitoring forestry management, erosion evaluations, infrastructure inspections and archaeological site surveys.

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Elektra SOLAR Trainer

Elektra Trainer is the latest state-of-the-art product for the trainer and education market. The two-seat aircraft is a further development of the Elektra One Solar and was optimized for the light trainer market. Low operating costs, almost no CO2 emissions and the simplest maintenance make this aircraft unique in the field of electric aircraft.

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Elektra TWO Solar | OPS anD UAS

Based on Elektra Two Solar the company offers the Optionally Piloted System (OPS) for stratospheric flight up to 10 km altitude and day-night missions. The optionally piloted version may be used for unmanned flights or by a pilot for missions where an unmanned flight is prohibited.

Based on Elektra Two Solar the company offers the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) also for flights up to 20 km altitude, day-night missions like border control and homeland security applications. Elektra Two Solar UAS is an aircraft without a pilot aboard. The unmanned version can be flown in countries where unmanned flights are allowed. Due to the lack of a pilot, the aircraft is lighter than the OPS variant. The whole system includes the aircraft, a ground-based control station and a system for communications between both.

Product information

Systems and Components

We develop almost all key technologies like autopilot and electrical propulsion systems for our aircraft in house. Using our deep knowledge and experience, we are able to offer the main system components for different types of unmanned aerial platforms for our customers.

We also configure and deliver a complete autopilot system including ground control station as well as an electrical propulsion system with batteries and solar system for your platform.

The autopilot can be configured for single, double and triple redundancy.

The electrical propulsion system can be used in single and double redundancy versions. In double redundancy version, the system has two independent motors (mounted on one shaft), two motor controllers and two completely separated battery subsystems.

We also offer single components like flight control computers, power supply, distribution units, motors etc.

Our partner who we often cooperate with, Helix, manufactures our propellers.

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Services | Research and development projects

The preparation and conducting of flight experiments in R&D projects require significant effort. Instrumentation of the flying platform, integration of the payload, connection to the autopilot, test site selection, acquiring flight permissions, training of the team for experimental work, conduction of the flight experiments, insurance for the equipment – these are some examples of the problems people have to deal with in R&D projects in which flight experiments are involved. For our pilot-optional aircraft, we offer unique services for flight experiments, payload and other UAS related R & D activities.

We integrate your payload or even navigation/control algorithms into one of our aircraft and perform the experimental flights for you. Our advanced autopilot system allows for fast programming and execution of complex missions with precise following of trajectories. The ground control station offers monitoring, control and configuration of the missions including control of the payload. Due to the fact that the pilot is onboard and can take over the control at any time, we can perform flight experiments almost everywhere, even in urban areas. Our aircraft are easy to transport and can also be operated from very small airfields. The members of our team have been participating in many national and international R&D projects for more than 15 years.

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