Elektra Solar presented three products at AERO 2022

Elektra Solar GmbH demonstrated large presence at the biggest European General Aviation Fair, Aero 2022 in Friedrichshafen, Germany and presented three products:

  • Elektra One
  • Elektra Trainer
  • Elektra VTOL.

Elektra One is the one-seat electric aircraft (optionally equipped with solar cells) with two hours flight endurance. It was certified last year in the German ultralight category according to the LTF-UL 2020 regulations. The exhibited aircraft is used by Elektra Solar as a research and development platform for applications based on electric aircraft. It is equipped with a triple redundant autopilot and can autonomously fly complete missions, including start and landing.

Elektra Trainer is the two-seat electric aircraft based on the approved and certified Elektra One platform and will be certified in the German ultralight category by the end of this year. First flight is planned for May. The following 10 highlights make Elektra Trainer unique on the market:

  1. Long endurance (about 2.5 hours)
  2. Low noise (55dB)
  3. Zero CO2 emission
  4. Very low operation costs (about 60 EUR/hour)
  5. Full redundant electric power unit system (50 kW)
  6. Hight comfort (1.25 large cabin, 2 m pilots)
  7. Attractive and robust design
  8. Portable 12 kW charger, which can be transported in the aircraft storage compartment
  9. Easy logistics: 30 minutes assembly time from trailer to ready for flight.
  10. Digital platform with cloud services for remote inspection and maintenance

The first aircraft was already sold to a flight school. Now we start the series production and take the first orders. For the first three aircraft we offer an interesting discount. During the Aero 2022 we received very positive feedback about Elektra Trainer from flying schools and clubs. Most of them already decided to fly electric in the near future and are waiting for test flights with Elektra Trainer.

Elektra VTOL is an electric VTOL drone with 2 kg payload and up to 3 hours endurance due to its excellent aerodynamic properties. The large wing surface is perfectly suitable for installation of a solar generator. The solar system is offered as an option to increase the flight endurance. One of the main advantages of this product is its mechanical simplicity: only two fix engines and two servos for the ailerons.

This makes the system very robust and reduces the costs. As standard payloads, we offer a 60 MP camera, a multispectral camera, or a gimbal camera system for real time surveillance with target tracking. We started the series production and can deliver the system in short time.